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Technical Specification



D-SUB, 9 pins


USB 2.0 Full-Speed, Micro USB

CAN Features


2.0A (standard format) and 2.0B (extended format), ISO 11898-2 High-speed CAN

Data Rate

From 20kbps to 1Mbps can be programmed arbitrarily.

Isolation Voltage

1.5K VDC/min, 3K VDC/1s


STM32F0, 48MHz


120 Ohm resistor selectable jumper

CAN Transceiver

ISO1050DUBR ,Texas Instruments



Work Temperature

-40°~ 85°

Relative humidity

15-90%, not condensing

PCBA Size (L * W * H)

56.50mm * 31.20mm * 14.20mm


15.5 g




5V/150ma output .

Weld 0Ω resistor on R9 to enable this function(close to the jumper).


CANL bus line (dominant low)










CANH bus line (dominant high)





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  1. Anonymous

    In der mitgelieferten Software sind nur chinesische Zeichen. Ein Nutzung des Zip. Packetes ist nicht möcglich.

    1. Dear customer,
      Could you please send me an email that about this?
      Software we provide you including english version and usermanl, please check below link:

  2. Anonymous

    Is there LabVIEW driver for this hardware ?

    1. What's the version of labview? We will try to test it.

  3. Anonymous

    The Software InnoMakerSetups.msi has only Text in China look.

    1. I see the same problem. Only in Chinese.  Unable to install.

  4. Do you mean this file for windows?

    You need to download it and rename it as .msi if your computer block it.

  5. Anonymous

    Hello. Do you have a schematic or pinout for this? I see that you have the I2C exported on the board.

    1. Sorry we don't provide sch for this module. We will launched another version which will provide.

  6. Anonymous

    We have inno usbtocan device. We are trying to develop a Java application to receive and send CAN Messages thru usbttocan. Could you help us in how to start with it. I am using InnoMakerUsb2CanLib.dll but calling getInnoMakerDeviceCount() but then it gives me an error

    Error looking up function 'getInnoMakerDeviceCount': The specified procedure could not be found.

  7. Could you send me email including more information of your project? And what you need from us  like the source code of the dll? 

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks. I have sent you an email to support account.

  9. Anonymous

    Hello, is there a case for the USBtoCAN converter? Is it possible to buy, otherwise if there's a project for prototyping could be useful. Let me know asap please.

    1. Anonymous

      Same. Would also love to purchase a case for this Ideally with DB9 accessible external and fix mounted usb cable inside.

      1. we're working on a new version. you can leave your contact info by sending me email ,when it's launched, I will let you know.

    2. we're working on a new version. you can leave your contact info by sending me email ,when it's launched, I will let you know.

  10. Anonymous

    Hello, I tried to download the Manual for Linux, but the jianguoyun page says "The account has been locked due to its abnormality. "

    1. hi sorry for late reply. We fix it today.
      Please try again.

  11. Anonymous

    Could you please provide a link to sample code how to implement in c/c++ winapi? As previously mentioned the supplied DLL does not expose any function entry points. At least a small hint for how to access the device would be great. And same here: The installer (msi-file) seems to have chinese localization only (or at least any fancy writings).

    1. Hi, it may takes us one more week workload. Please wait and keep in contact with us

  12. Anonymous


    Can you state a date, when an englisch version of the software will be available?

    Currently I cannot use the hardware because only a chinese version of software is available.

    Thank you...

    1. hi, the windows software is multilanguage supported!

      1. Anonymous

        Hello! The software might be multilingual, but the installer is chinese only. Can you change the installer language to english, please? Thank you!

        1. The installer is followed the windows setup. could you send me picture about teh UI?

    2. Anonymous

      just run the msi and press enter all the way through, it gets installed and is in english.

      If there are any options when installing they would be unknown as I cant decode chinese

      1. This is not working for me

        1. Hi,

          Do you notice that language can change in red circle?

          1. the software is good, but the INSTALLER (.msi) is Chinese only.  If I accept all default options and restart the PC, it works, but English Language version of the installer would be very nice.

            Xie xie

            1. We'll update this version soon.

  13. Anonymous

    Hi, with raspberry pi is it possible to use the 2x4 connector (GND, VDD, RX, TX etc ..) instead of the USB connector? Thank you

    1. Do you mean a cable with miniusb and the other end is with 2*4 connector which connect to rpi usb interface?

      1. Anonymous

        I would like to connect usb-can innomaker to raspberry without using the USB port. The device should be put in a box but due to various problems we cannot use a classic USB cable. So I was wondering if it was possible to interface the raspberry pi with the usb-can via the 6 (2x4) pins I see on the your board (GND, VDD, RX, TX, VDO, CLK, GND, IO).

        1. These signals are used for debuging and flashing firmware. Not for can communication.

  14. Anonymous

    Hello, is it possible to use this interface with an android device?

  15. Anonymous

    Hello, I am using the windows application, it reads the telegrams correctly, but does not send them. Frame id = 85 10 32 03, Data = C4 09 D0 01 E8 08 00 00 and I press the Send button. How to solve the problem?

    1. Frame id = 85 10 32 03 maximum frame has been exceeded, max it's 7f. Normal Frame is 11bit, Extend frame is 29bit. 

      1. Anonymous

        from that frame ID (ignoring the rogue 8) it is priority=1 PGN=01 10 32 from address 03

        In the windows app I can send that ID and Data without a problem, I receive it on a kvaser device running CanKing to view the message.

  16. Anonymous

    Hello, from a windows application it cannot send a telegram until it stops receiving. Thus it is unusable.

    1. We've tested that it can send and receive at the same time.Could you send me email photo how to connect and windows version?

  17. Anonymous

    Hi, is there a c++ interface for Windows? I only found the C# example with a .NET Assembly DLL.

    1. hi,
      Could you send email to me
      Or you can download:

  18. Anonymous

    Hello, is there a way to send extended frames even if the frame ID "fits in the standard frame format" (e.g. how do i send frame id 0x100 as extended instead of standard format(

    1. you can do it under raspberry pi, this windows demo do not support.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi, I'm running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. 

    I am running through the documentation and can see can0 with ifconfig.  I can then put the link up and down and set the bitrate etc.

    However whenever I try to run candump can0 I get the following error:

        socket: Address family not supported by protocol

    1. Sorry for late reply.

      Could you send me kernel version , you can use uname -a getting them. 

      And please send me email

    2. Anonymous

      Please Post your operations log, then we can analyze and see what happened.

    3. Please try to reinstallation the can-utils.
      sudo apt-get install can-utils

  20. Anonymous

    Do you have an English version of the "InnoMakerSetup.msi". The one you have is Chinese. I sent you a UI picture to ""

    1. Hi,

      Do you notice that language can change in red circle?

  21. Anonymous

    Ive been checking your app to Rx and Tx Extended frame PGNs. For some reason you have to include the top bit set (of the 4 ID Bytes)

    this is wrong as the extended header ID  is 29 not 32bit. The UI must have a problem as this produces the correct value on the bus.

    All values are in HEX.

    For instance A NMEA2000 ISO request transmission for an Address claim(ISO NAME) header is 0C EA 03 99 , the 99 being the source address and the 03 meaning Destination

    The C in 0C is the lower 2 bits of the priority = 3 ( If it was 1C it would be 7 [lowest priority]) - In your UI this HAS to be 8C to get a good transmission?

    The correct DLC for this PGN is 3 (normally 8) , for which you dont have a UI field for....Compliant N2K devices may reject 8 for this ISO request

    Payload is 00 EE 00 FF FF FF FF FF (FF = dont care)

    However if I set this up to send I get a corrupted header '03 99' and not 0C EA 03 99

    shown in the pic1 - which i cant attach

    1. We have 2 versions firmware.
      1,The default version which supports linux,windows,mac os (The one you get)
      For time being, our windows software and mac os software did not support  extended frames yet.
      However, canutil under linux which support.
      For windows and mac os, we're planing to update software which support extended frames. when we update I'll let you know the first time.

  22. Anonymous

    I am having issues with frame reordering when receiving packets at a high rate.

    Using 1mbit/s and sending packets from one device with "cangen can0 -g 0 -I 42b -L 1 -D i -n 5" they are sometimes received out of order on another similar device.

    This must be an issue with your firmware. I have tried to flash the open source candleLight firmware on the board, but you seem to have locked the STM32.

  23. Anonymous

    Does Innomaker USB-CAN support CAN-FD specification ?

  24. We will launched FD version soon.Could you leave us your email or send your email to me?