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Quick Start For Volumio

Step1, Download And Connect

Download the latest player from:

Flash system to TF Card and Make config:

WIFI Host:

Name: Volumio
Password: volumio2

Once in Hotspot Mode, Volumio can be reached with IP or via http://volumio.local

Step2,Set up volumio

Quick Start For Moode

Step1,Download and Connect

Download From:

Flash system to TF Card and Make config:

WIFI Host:

Name: Moode
Password: moodeaudio

Once in Hotspot Mode, moode can be reached with IP
http://moode.local or

Step2,Set up Moode

Quick Start For Raspberry PI OS

Step1,Download And Install Raspbian

Step2,Make config

  • sudo nano /boot/config.txt                   # for debian

Add below to the last line:


press "ctrl+o" and press "Enter" save file, press"ctrl+x" to quit. 

  • sudo reboot

Step3,Select ALLO-BOSS As default Audio Output Device


sudo apt-get install qmmp

Full User Manual And ready-make system

UserManual Software Download

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