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Saleae Tools and Driver:

Can I draw your attention to below items:

1. The max sampling rate is 24MS/s, just be used for sample and commond singal test. If you want test very high speed or test for more than 8 pins channels , please choose the
higher level logic analyzer in our shop.

2. The max sampling rate is 24MS/s, but it will be affected by your USB bandwidth. If you want to work at fully 24MS/s frequency feature, please pull out all the redundant USB devices
or use the USB3.0 port of your computer. Usually, If your USB bandwidth could not support for 24MS/s, the logic analyzer tools will provide some indications. Try to reduce the the sample rate speed
, such as 10Ms/s , 8Ms/s . It's power enough to cope with a variety ofoccasions.

3. Ensure your computer have enough RAM memory for accept the data send by logice analyzer. Close the useless applications on your system.

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