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Welcome to the Inno-Maker Wiki Landing Page!

INNOMAKER was founded in Shenzhen the city of makers in China, created by a group of passionate open source hardware fans, including professional Embedded Development Engineers, experienced technicians and excellent production managers. We love open source hardwares, maker cultural and passionate life, so we get together here for a common struggle of dream.

We offers bulk order purchasing service of open source hardware boards, like Raspberry PI, Micro:bit, Beaglebone and so on. INNO has strong marketing channels, and could assist our clients to sell related opensource hardware products to different countries, so that the latest innovative products of markers could be widely shared all around the world.

Inno-Maker Bussiness Line

Product Line NameDescription

Raspberry Pi

  • Focus on providing modules,hats design service, sourcing service for open source hardware like raspberry pi,jetson nano,beaglebone,Tinkerboard,etc...
  • Products including audios,cameras,can,rs485,ad/da,cases,displays which may easily for customer to use these open source hardware make products.

Skylark Audio

  • Focus on providing amazing products for hifi fans,  with low cost and high performance music player.

RobotEye Cam

Focus on providing

  • CSI Cameras,rawdata, yuv with isp,
  • usb 2.0 cameras
  • usb 3.0 cameras

Measure Tools

  • Focus on providing low cost and high performance Measuring tools like usb logic analyzers, usb Oscilloscope,AD/DA signal acquisition,etc...
Converter&Isolated Converter
  • Focus on providing RJ45, RS485, CAN signal interface converter;
  • Focus on providing Ethernet, RS485, CAN Signal Isolation Conversion,like usb to rs485/rs232/rs422/ttl signal isolation conversion,etc...
Design Fabrication


  • DTOF

Inno-Maker Product Catalog

Skylark Audio

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Receiver

USB Audio Card

Converter&Isolated Converter

Interface ConverterSignal Isolated Converter

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