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  • 1.The HiFi DAC Hat compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, 3B, 3B+, Pi 4 with the 40-pin connector. Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi board, no additional cables required, no soldering. Easy to get more beautiful and fantastic sound by this RPI+DAC HiFi suits.  
  • 2.Absolutely perfect to support all Raspberry Pi music playback system, like OSMC, Max2Play, RuneAudio, Volumio, Moode, PiCorePlayer, PiMusicBox, OpenELEC, Debian, Ubuntu etc. Support playing music from a hard disk or over the network. Support DSD over PCM(DOP) mode.
  • 3.Class-leading stereo audio DAC PCM5122, sample rates up to 384-KHz/32-Bit. Paired with stereo high fidelity headphone amplifier TPA6133. Provides 2.1Vrms ground-centered outputs coupled with Film capacitor. 
  • 4.On-board a pair of gold plated RCA (LEFT &Right) jacks and a 3.5mm high-end headphone jack output, allow you free to play your music through Raspberry Pi to another terminals.
  • 5.Comes with software, document and friendly technology support. For more information,  please refer to our wiki(view the link on color page comes with the goods).


  • 1. Dedicated 384kHz/32bit high-quality DAC PCM5122 for best sound quality.
  • 2. Audio output connectors: 2x RCA (LEFT &Right) &3.5mm head phone Jack.
  • 3. With 138mw headphone Amplifier can directly drive headphone.
  • 4. Work status indicators facilitate the understanding of the system working status.
  • 5. HAT size.
  • 6. DAC SNR is 112Db.
  • 7. DAC THD+N @ -1 dBFS -78dB.
  • 8. Full Scale Output of DAC is 2.1Vrms.
  • 9. Dynamic Range of DAC is 112dB.
  • 10. Sampling Frequency ranges from 8kHz to 384kHz.
  • 11. Ultra-low noise voltage regulators for optimal audio performance.
  • 12. Integrated EEPROM for automatic configuration(Option).
  • 13. Automatically switching frequencies according to the input I2S signals.
  • 14. Dual low jitter crystal oscillators for Master Clock generation.
  • 15. Infrared remote control connector (using GPIO26).
  • 16. DAC output coupled with Film capacitor.

[Packing List:]

  • 1 x RPI-HIFI-DAC Module
  • Note: The raspberry pi 3 board is not included.
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  1. Anonymous

    How long (tall) do the hex standoff spacers have to be to secure the HAT to the raspberry pi?

    1. Do you mean how tall the connector? it's 13.5mm for the connector,8.3for the PIN.

  2. Anonymous


    Do you have a 3D model file?

    Thank you,


  3. Anonymous

    Can the HAT be fed by an external 5V power source, for example, by cutting the wide line near pins 1 and 2 of 40-pin jack?

    1. Do you mean power rpi and the hat sepertly?

      1. Anonymous

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