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  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero,Zero W,3B,3B+,PI4 via the 28-pin connector, With 480 (W) *320(H) Pixels high-resolution; Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi board, no additional cables required, no soldering.
  • Communication between the screen and the Raspberry Pi is interfaced with a high speed 63Mhz SPI connection. Enable the direct memory access(DMA) channel for high-speed data transmission in the kernel, so it can support output higher frame rate than other.
  • On-board capacitive touch controller, allow you to control your raspberry PI by touching the screen with your fingers , Accurate and easy operating.
  • On-board extremely accurate I2C real-time clock (RTC) DS3231 and continuous timing battery backup.
  • Comes with user manual and friendly technology support. For more information please refer to our wiki(view the link on color page comes with the goods).


The 3.5 inch RPI lcd display TFT Capacitive Touch Screen is a display module can be applied to Raspberry pi 3 B+ Pi Zero etc. It can be used as raspberry pi x window display terminals.


  • 1. This RPI lcd display TFT capacity touch screen compatilble with Raspberry pi 3 modle B / Pi 2B / B+ / Pi Zero / etc.
  • 2. 16bit/pixel, 320×480 resolution and large view angle.
  • 3. This RPI lcd display support resistive and capacitive touch specifications, the software fully compatible.
  • 4. This RPI lcd display provide preset raspbian-jessie system image and a separate installation package.
  • 5. This RPI lcd display provide accurate DS3231 RTC unit to ensure that the system time is accurate.
  • 6. LCD Backlight can be controlled.
  • 7. Hardware and software is compatible with any version of the raspberry pi.
  • 8. This RPI lcd display module have the same size as standard raspberry pi.

[Hardware connection:]
The RPI LCD Display TFT Capacity Touch Screen Modules used 28 pins out of raspberry pi 40 pin. When installing the module attention to align the first leg of the raspberry pi and LCD module.

[Packing List:]

  • 1 x Amplifier HIFI AMP Expansion Board; (Note: the raspberry pi 3 board is not included.
  • 1 x 3.5 Inches 320×480 TFT Display Capacity Touch Screen
  • Note: The raspberry pi 3 board is not included.
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